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Our goal is to create exceptional audio-visual forms for our clients.

Mixing creativity with technology we are able to make them in various styles and at  varoius desired budget levels.

We have broad experience, we are dedicated and we love the things we do.



     We are a group of experienced film-makers and photographers who love their work and challenges that comes with it. We deal with professional production – everything that falls within the scope of broadly understood video and photo. We have experience in advertising media, promotional materials and films, industrial and technology film, event coverage, document, reportage, sports, music video and more…
    We are capable of transmitting photos  live, in minutes time with edit ready for post. It is an excellent option for shows, presentations and coverage of events.
    We also support enterprises, corporations and institutions by creating creative scenarios and advertising for them. Our cooperation with the client is based on close cooperation. We approach each project individually. We give ideas, write scripts, direct, record, and assemble. Regardless of whether you are interested in the production of corporate films or an advertising spot. We will create any photo set, we will prepare logistics and a comprehensive film production process, the result of which will be a professionally made film.
     We are flexible and we are able to propose solutions for any production budget. Film production is our passion. We are always happy to advise you and we will prepare a concept and a quote for free. We carry out orders throughout the Europe. We have a wide and professional equipment base. In film production, we use modern film techniques, thanks to which we can offer high quality services. For the implementation of shots, we use, among others gyroscopic stabilizers, drones, taps, film trolleys and more. Our goal is to use modern technology to make stable and unique shots. The material we have made goes through the full post-production process. We deal with assembly, color correction, sound and effects (animations). We have over 100 successful film productions behind us. On our part, we provide experience in operation and effectiveness.

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Red Bull, ORLEN Warsaw Marathon, Top Gear Live, Żywiec Męskie Granie, Samsung, T-mobile, XL Energy, Verva Street Racing, EB Hel Spot, H&M and others.

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